About us

The engineering office M.L. DriveSolutions GmbH is a limited company that supports customers from various industries in developing and implementing innovative solutions for all kinds of electric drive projects. In so doing, our services focus on the:

  • concept development
  • calculation
  • construction
  • technical project management and
  • prototyping

of electric machines relying on very different principles of operation and meant for a wide variety of applications.

Regardless of whether we are dealing with rotational or linear motion, with asynchronous, reluctance or synchronous machines, with just a few watts or with the megawatt range, meeting our customers’ needs and wishes always has top priority for us at M.L. Drive Solutions GmbH. High efficiency and low cost of the product are just as important to us as are flexibility, customer-orientation and efficacy of the development process.

Our many years of experience, our extensive know-how and a wide network of competent development partners enable us to realize and deliver even the most complex drive solutions, transforming an idea into a prototype. In addition, we also offer comprehensive support at the start of the serial production phase as well as product development during series production.