Our Services

We can offer you the development of electric drives:

Aufzählungszeichen Electromagnetic design
We are able to design the most diverse electric machines with the aid of our own and commercial software tools.
Aufzählungszeichen Detail design
All development models are implemented as 3D constructions and are adjusted to the respective application in close collaboration with the customer.
Aufzählungszeichen Finite Element Calculations
We are able to perform stationary, quasi-stationary and transient FEAs of the electromagnetic circuit in 2D and 3D. In addition, the essential drive components undergo stress analysis and thermal simulations whenever necessary. Should the engine speeds call for it, studies of rotor dynamics can be offered as well.
Aufzählungszeichen Prototyping
As an optional extra we are happy to provide support throughout the building and testing stage of the prototypes up to their final approval.
Aufzählungszeichen Concept studies
In the definition phase of a project, we offer our customers the opportunity to get an assessment of what the electric drive that fits their needs might look like. It is important to us that the result of the study matches the solution that is to be realized as closely as possible.
Aufzählungszeichen Consultation/assistance in the introduction of production processes
Our offer to our customers is to support and guide them when they are readying their newly developed drives for industrial production. This includes adapting the construction for serial production, selection and proposal of potential suppliers and assistance in building up their own production facilities.
Aufzählungszeichen Revision and assessment of existing drive solutions
We recalculate existing solutions for you and we identify any potential areas of optimization. If requested, we can consult with external experts and academic institutions.