Our Projects

We are active in the following fields:

Aufzählungszeichen Wind energy
We designed generators for various manufacturers. To this end, we studied and realized different concepts (direct drive, mid-speed) and different electric design types (PM, electrically excited, synchronous and asynchronous). The size of the machines ranged from small wind turbines with a capacity of a few kilowatts to direct drives with a capacity in the megawatt range.
Aufzählungszeichen Household appliances
We developed motors for washing machines, tumble-dryers, compressors and stoves for a renowned manufacturer of household appliances and readied them for series production.
Aufzählungszeichen Automotive
We designed hybrid drives for commercial vehicles for a number of automotive manufacturers.
Aufzählungszeichen Traction
We developed drive motors for a light rail vehicle company.
Aufzählungszeichen High speed
Direct drive compressors and large turbo generators with power up to several 100 kW and high peripheral speeds belong to this segment.

Smaller turbo generators are used to optimize the energy yield in combined heat and power stations (OCR systems). We also offer the design of the corresponding turbines.

Aufzählungszeichen Industrial drives
Automation applications (such as drives for rotary tables and servo motors) are part of this segment as well as specialty drives for different fields of application or also drives for pumps.